Central Warwickshire Youth Football League



New Players


The FA have created a number of interactive guides to help you find your way around the new player registration process as part of Whole Game System:


Assigning Club Officials

To avoid a club secretary having to register every player in their club, it is advised that clubs assign player registration officers within their club to input player details and register the players for the club.

Clubs can assign several Player Registration Officers, and they can also remove the official(s) from this role at any point.

How To Guide: click HERE.


Detaching Players

On your club's Whole Game System, you may still have players linked that are no longer at your club, we advise to view the current players linked with your club first and detach any that are no longer involved with the club.

How To Guide: click HERE.


Data Matching of Players

This tool is available for leagues that currently use the FA Full Time website, you will simply be able to check that player details are correct before then selecting 'Match' to attach that player to your club.

How To Guide: click HERE.


Search & Create Players

To do this you will use the Data Cleansing Tab, this will bring up 3 Tabs:

Suggested Matches Players that are on Full Time and the Whole Game System, you will need to confirm that the details are correct before then matching the player/s.

Unsuggested Matches Players that are on Full Time, but cannot be found on the Whole Game System initially, you will need to search for the player/s on the Whole Game System and if you still cannot find the player you will then create a new player on the system.

Completed Matches All matched players, who will also be visible in the Player Registrations Tab. Please follow the below link for guidance on how to do this process.

How To Guide: click HERE.    


Assign Players To Teams

Once the player has been linked to the club and they appear under the Player Registrations Tab, you will then need to assign them to a specific team within your club.

How To Guide: click HERE.

For players over 10 years old, whose previous club was outside of England (including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) an International Clearance certificate is required.

For full information please visit the FA site