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Pitch Improvement Plan

Pitch Improvement Plan

Institute of Groundsmenship & BCFA

Supporting Maintenance Of Natural Turf Pitches

As part of the FA’s recent announcement regarding the new National Game Strategy and investment into better facilities, Birmingham County FA are delighted to launch the Pitch Improvement Programme (PIP). In conjunction with the Institute of Groundsmenship (IOG) we are offering a service to grassroots football clubs to support the maintenance and development of natural turf pitches.


• Complete the PIP EOI form and return to oliver.hitchcox@birminghamfa.com  
• You will be contacted by either BCFA or the IOG Regional Pitch Advisor to arrange a pitch visit
• After the visit you will receive a report detailing what is required to manage, maintain and develop your pitch’(s)
• You will receive a 2nd visit from the IOG regional Pitch Advisor at a later date to monitor progress made


Subsidised rate of £50 plus VAT (covers both visits) which needs to be paid to BCFA before your visit takes place.
Deadline to return your completed EOI for the 15/16 season is Wednesday 30th September.

If you have any questions please contact Olly: oliver.hitchcox@birminghamfa.com