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Info from Birmingham FA

Info from Birmingham FA

Pre-season friendlies

Dear Competition Secretary


The information below is for the attention of your Competition and Member Clubs for Season 2018-2019


In accordance with the Rules of The Football Association, after 30th June (the end of the Close Season) and prior to the commencement of the playing season, Matches may be played between teams of the same Club or between teams of different Clubs.


Birmingham County Football Association is becoming increasingly aware of matches taking place where one or both of the participating Clubs have not affiliated to their parent County Football Association for the 2018-2019 Season.  As a consequence any match is considered as unaffiliated football and where it should be remembered that;


·        For BCFA affiliating Clubs – Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance cover is required before affiliation is approved and the Club is confirmed as in Membership

·        For ALL Clubs – Clubs, Players and Club Officials subject to the jurisdiction of The Association and/or an Affiliated Association shall not be associated with nor play with or against any club which is not a member of The Association

·        No match between unaffiliated teams shall be played on grounds which are under the jurisdiction of Clubs which are in membership with The Association and/or an Affiliated Association

·        FA Registered  Referees shall not officiate in any Competition, which is not sanctioned, or match in which unaffiliated clubs compete


BCFA requires you to communicate the contents of this email to your Member Clubs.  Whilst not wishing to curtail pre-season activity, we will continue to monitor matches that are taking place and, where required, enforce the rules and regulations of The Football Association so that football is managed and safe FOR ALL.


Yours faithfully




| David Nixon |

| Football Services Manager |

| Birmingham County Football Association |

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