Central Warwickshire Youth Football League



Marston Green Tournament

Marston Green Tournament

JUNE 7th AND 8TH 2014

SATURDAY 7th JUNE        BOYS UNDER 7’s             5-A-Side  K.O. 9.30 AM

SATURDAY 7th JUNE        BOYS UNDER 9’s             7-A-Side  K.O. 9.30 AM

SATURDAY 7th JUNE        BOYS UNDER 11's, 13’s   5-A-Side  K.O. 9.30 AM

SATURDAY 7th JUNE        GIRLS UNDER11’s, 12’s   7-A-Side  K.O. 2.00 PM

SATURDAY 7th JUNE        GIRLS UNDER13’s, 14’s   5-A-Side  K.O. 2.00 PM

SUNDAY 8th JUNE           BOYS UNDER 8’s, 10’s     7-A-Side  K.O. 9.30 AM

SUNDAY 8th JUNE           BOYS UNDER 12’s, 14’s   5-A-Side  K.O. 9.30 AM


Dear Secretary/Manager …………………………………………………. Football Club,

Thank you for your support in participation on our 7 / 5-A-Side Tournament.

We hope you have an enjoyable time and wish you all the best success in the tournament.


Please register at least 30 minutes before start time.  Report to the Control Tent where upon you will be given a team sheet to fill in (if you have not already received one) and also further information.  (N.B. Once registered, a player cannot change teams).


Each team must provide a match ball, clearly marked with your club name.  Spectators, managers, trainers, parents etc, shall remain outside the field of play throughout the games, unless requested to enter by the referee or Management Committee Member.


Make sure that you are aware of the location of your particular pitch in good time.


All club officials are responsible for the general behaviour of their players and spectators and they should be advised accordingly.  The F.A. Rule on the consumption of Alcohol at matches also applies at this tournament.  We would ask all managers to make sure that their supporters are aware of this rule, as anyone consuming alcohol on the touchline will be asked to move away.


Due to Health and Safety implications we cannot allow BBQ’s on the ground, this applies to both Charcoal & Gas BBQ’s


Neither Marston Green F.C. nor its officials will be liable or accept any responsibility for any injury, damage or loss of property during the tournament.

Trainers, boots or blades can be worn for all matches in this tournament.  Please remember the wearing of shin pads is compulsory.


Once again, thank you for your support and Marston Green F.C. wish you the best of luck.



Yours in sport,

Andy Holmes